Teacher Excellence Day Resources


Students received the calendars at the beginning of the month to kick-off our month of math. Students who returned completed calendars were entered to win money to scrip.

Preschool Math Calendar

Kindergarten and First Grade Math Calendar

Second and Third Grade Math Calendar

Fourth and Fifth Grade Math Calendar

Family Math Night Resources:

Family Math Night Flyer 2015

Family Night Sheet

Hot Wheels Metric Measurements

ThinkFun Big Math Games

Zeno Math

Directions to Math Games:

4 Way Count Down      Blink      Block by Block      Checkers       Blokus      Dominos Don’t You Forget It      Headband      IZZI      Loose Change      Magic 10      Mancala Mastermind      Number Chase      Math Fact Jenga      Pizza Fraction Fun      RACKO      Rush Hour      Sequence Numbers      Snakes and Ladders              Square by Square      Sum Swamp      Tangoes      The Sneaky, Snacky, Squirrel       Triominos      Yahtzee