Student Support Team

What is the St. John Student Support Team (SST)?

In alignment with our mission statement, St. John School strives to provide an inclusive, appropriate, quality education for every family who desires a Catholic education for their child. This includes students who have special learning, medical, emotional and/or behavioral needs. The school commits to working in partnership with the parent(s) and other professionals in an effort to identify the most appropriate educational strategies and placement for the child. The Student Support Team consists of a reading specialist, math specialist and learning specialist. The team meets regularly to discuss, plan and facilitate accommodations needed for student success.

What services does SST provide?

Primary Reading Specialist: Kerri McCarthy:

  • Ongoing, specialized literacy instruction for grades kindergarten through two
  • Both small group and individual
  • Creates and monitors Accommodation Plans for primary students

Intermediate Reading Specialist: Dana Edwards:

  • Ongoing, specialized literacy instruction for grades third through fifth
  • Both small group and individual
  • Creates and monitors Accommodation Plans for intermediate students

Math Specialist: Sarah Olsen:

  • Support for teachers on lesson design and preparation
  • Supports students in mastering standards using a variety of instructional supports
  • Both small group and individual

Middle School Learning Specialist: Mollie Overa:

  • Ongoing, specialized literacy instruction and study skills for grades sixth through eight
  • Provides enrichment opportunities
  • Creates and monitors Accommodation Plans for middle school students

School Counselor: Shannon Manley:

  • Provides individual counseling on a goal-oriented, short-term basis
  • Offers small group targeting social-emotional needs
  • Teaches classroom lessons on a variety of social-emotional topics
  • Provides parent consultation

What happens if I think my child has a learning concern?

St. John School honors the following joint procedures in its efforts to serve students with diverse needs:

Phase 1: Identificationidentification of the specific area of concern(s), documentation of concern, consultation with the student’s family

Phase 2: Assessmentcomprehensive assessment through the local public school or through private, professional consultants – This step is parent driven with recommendations from the school

Phase 3: Planning and Placementdetermining the most appropriate and reasonable accommodations for affirming a long-term educational plan for the student– An Accommodation Plan can be created to serve the needs of individual students

What is an Accommodation Plan?

The Student Support Team, along with the homeroom teacher and parent(s), partner together to create and implement a student’s Accommodation Plan. Accommodation Plans are created when a student requires additional support in the classroom due to a diagnosed disability or health impairment. The Accommodation Plans are reviewed by all teachers that work with and support the student. They are updated annually to meet the ever-changing needs of the learner. Accommodation Plans are an internal document that guide instruction and learning.